• Patrimonial responsibility of Public Administrations
(medical negligences, hospital infections, falls on public ways ...)

• Forced expropriations (process of expropriation due to road construction, through ways, railway lines, administrative rights…)

• Permits (trading, occupation, building, demolition, signs…)

• Declaration of imminent ruin.

• Urban laws (urban permits, plot devisions, urban planning, compensation committees, assignment of land...)

• Administrative concessions (in the public highway, water ways, coasts, ports…)

• Administrative sanctions (traffic fines, sanctions caused by administrative proceedings...)

• Personnel of Public Administration (transfers, promotion, contesting access tests to public office, extended leave of absence…)

• State – subsidized apartments (types, access, requirements, juridical regime…)

• Contesting of acts, orders and regulations of the Public Administration.


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