The Chairman and Managing Director of SANCHEZ MOLINA is its founder and namesake, José Antonio Sánchez Molina, who personally runs the day-to-day affairs of the practice. His ability to transmit his thirst for knowledge, his constant striving for perfection and his vocation as a lawyer to his colleagues, has ensured that the company has expanded steadily and securely to fulfill his dream of the highly-competitive and avant-garde practice that now exists.

José Antonio studied law at the University of Barcelona, graduating in 1985, going on to pursue his Master's in Company Direction and Administration, from the Superior College of Company Direction and Administration (E.S.A.D.E), in 1987.

He began working as a lawyer in 1985, combining this with teaching in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Barcelona from 1985-86, and then working as an Associate Teacher from 1985-1991 at the E.S.A.D.E.

José Antonio joined the Legal Advisory Department of La Caixa in 1987, working there as a lawyer until 1989, when he then joined the staff at La Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions , working as Manager of the Financial Analysis Department and the Real-Estate Department, and finally as a lawyer in the Legal Advisory Department of La Caixa , a position which he still holds today, in a consultory capacity.

He opened his own law offices in 1985, specialising in Civil Law.

His law firm flourished, and, in addition to his central Barcelona office, he opened another one in Blanes, in the Greater Barcelona area, and again in Placa Virrei Amat in Barcelona in 2001.

Recently (November 2006) a new one in Travesera de Les Corts has been opened being the forth of the group.

The company continued to expand, finally moving in 1998 to its present location in the South Tower of the Trade Building , where José Antonio continues to personally supervise the handling of each client's affairs, retaining a vision of not only expansion, but also growing in both quality and efficiency in the service that Sanchez Molina renders to its clients.


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