Sanchez Molina lawyers was founded over 20 years ago by José Antonio Sanchez Molina, and thanks to his vision and commitment, has grown into the flourishing multi- disciplinary practice that it is today.

Sanchez Molina 's team comprises nearly 50 people, 21 of whom are specialist lawyers, each one an expert in a particular branch of the law, complemented by a team of accountants and financial advisors, as well as a full back-up team of administrative staff.

As the company has flourished and expanded, it has moved offices, until occupying its present site, a prime location in Barcelona 's Trade Building .


Our main offices are located on the 5 th floor of the South Tower of Barcelona's Trade Building , on Gran Via Carlos III, 84. We also have additional offices in the Virrei district of Barcelona and in Blanes, on the outskirts of the city.

The vision of all the Sanchez Molina team is to continue to expand, in order to offer our clients the widest network of legal services that there is.


Our main office occupies the entire 5 th floor of the South Tower , with specific departments dedicated to different areas of the law.

It also boasts a state-of-the-art computer programme, enabling fast and efficient access to the comprehensive and detailed records of each of our clients.


Sanchez Molina is comprised of a multi-disciplinary legal team, all experts in their own field of the law.

Our principal objective is to provide our clients with both a global and in-depth advisory service, thanks to our team of highly-specialised lawyers, able to both foresee and deal with every possible eventuality that could arise for our clients.

Our specialist departments cover the following fields: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Fiscal and Commercial Law, Labour and Social Security Law, International Law, Deed-Writing and Accountancy.

As a result, Sanchez Molina is able to provide our clients with a global vision of their affairs, along with highly-specialised expert advice, under the personal supervision of Sanchez Molina 's Chairman, José Antonio Sanchez Molina.

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